Cameras capture the diverse wildlife of South Sudan

Jun 17, 2015, 10:13 AM

South Sudan is a treasure trove of undiscovered animal species according to fauna experts.

But due to many years of conflict preventing scientists from entering many areas of the country, no one is quite sure just how many undiscovered species there may be.

A new project hopes to answer just this question. In a creative approach to the problem, cameras have been fitted to trees in wildlife reserves in Eastern Equatoria fitted with motion sensors.

When an animal walks past, their photo is taken and then assessed by an expert.

More than 80,000 images have been captured by the cameras so far.

Professor DeeAnn Reeder from Bucknell University in the United States is known for discovering a new species of bar she names the 'Panda Bat' in 2013.

She says she is sure her new project will not only help to record what animals are living in South Sudan, but could even discover some new species at the same time.

She told Ivana Mousa about the project earlier