My little honeybun from Jun 19, 2015

Jun 20, 2015, 02:06 AM

Music behind DJ: Maximilian - "The Snake"

The Dreams - "My Little Honeybun" The Bobbettes - "I Don't Like It Like That (Pt. 1)" Harold Burrage - "Crying for My Baby" The Isley brothers - "I Say Love" Oberia Martinez - "Gotta Think It Over" Music behind DJ: Skippy Brook's Combo - "Dim the Lights"

Nolan Strong With the Diablos - "(I'm in Love) Real True Love" The Flamingos - "Temptation" Hollywood Flames - "Dance Senorita" The Charmettes - "One More Time" The Fiestas - "All That's Good" Music behind DJ: The Parkays - "Green Monkeys"

The Arabians - "(Please) Take a Chance on Me" Irma & the Larks - "Without You Baby" Jeanie King - "You've Got a Good Thing Going" Little Charles and the Sidewinders - "Talkin' About You, Babe" The Soul Twins - "It's Not What You Do, It's the Way That You Do It" The Volumes - "A Way to Love You" Music behind DJ: The Kats - "Under the Covers"

The Parliaments - "I Can Feel the Ice Melting" The Exits - "Under the Street Lamp" The Image - "Surprise" James Bounty - "Auction on Love" Music behind DJ: Sunliner Band - "Soul Power"