Tony Murphy from the City of Salford

Apr 14, 2011, 01:23 PM, Salford, England

A conversation in a taxi about how Manchester is trying to steal the City of Salford. #salford #city #tourism #taxi #manchester #documentally

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AmHamShow - about 5 years ago

. . . and where were we left off?


documentally - about 5 years ago

Thankyou @lauriejhampton for taking the time to add a lovely branch to the conversation. To add some additional detail to Tony and what he's like. It's wonderful you have found this and connected with it. This conversation pops up in my mind often and whenever I'm in the City of Salford I quietly hope the next cab I hail has Tony Murphy at the wheel.


lauriejhampton - about 5 years ago

About Tony Murphy, I would just like to say that three years ago, in 2009, my sister and I journeyed to England from the U.S. (our first trip to Europe ever) primarily to see the homeland of our father, who was from Salford (or should I say "City of Salford"!?). We had the good fortune to be picked up by Tony in his cab in the middle of a downpour. He wanted to know why two American girls had come to Salford, of all places! When we told him that our dad and his entire family came from the Whitlane neighborhood in Salford, and that we wanted to explore our family's roots there, he turned and grinned at us, just like in the photo, and said "You've found yourselves a Salford lad - it's almost like it was meant to be!" Our time with Tony ended up being a highlight of our trip. We will never forget him. He was a fountain of information about the history of the area, and became our personal tour guide for the next three days. He took us to the Salford History Museum, where we met another amazing man, Tim Ashworth, who served as our personal genealogist while we were there. On our last day in Salford, we hired Tony for the entire day to drive us around and show us everything he thought we ought to see. At some point, I noticed that he had turned the meter off. He spent a couple of hours with us in the pouring rain, wandering around the Agecroft Cemetery looking for our family graves with us. Though we only knew him for a few days, we love him, and will never forget him. I really felt like he was an angel sent to us by our dear dad (Ernie Hampton, who died at the young age of 52, in 1967) He is one special fellow! Thank you, Tony!


StPaulsCamb - over 6 years ago

What a wonderful character Tony is. So passionate about his city. Great boo. Thanks Documentally.