Episode 6 - The Suspect

Jun 22, 2015, 09:43 PM
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<user-5059095> - 7 days ago

These people aren’t the norm however. If you remove religion from the equation, you have deeply disturbed individual’s that would have found any excuse to commit murder really.

<user-5059095> - 7 days ago

There were serious undertones of discrimination throughout the entire case. It would be dishonest to say that honor killings have never happened in the United States. Thing is, the ones that I have seen were committed by the most regimented Muslims. Not only that, but they occurred between family members. For instance, a father killing his children for detracting from their faith, and behaving like nonreligious American teens. Or a husband murdering his wife for failing to adhere to his poor treatment of her...like abusive behaviors that don’t even coincide with their faith. But let’s face it, we have religious fanatics of all faiths, that decide to stretch the laws of that faith to encompass whatever suits them.


Undisclosed - almost 2 years ago

If we're to be judged by what people on YouTube believe, history is not going to be kind to us.


waldo1994 - almost 2 years ago

people on YouTube still believe that it was an honor killing...