The Ely Mariner

Jul 01, 2015, 12:04 PM

By Sam Yaxley. "Taking a trip down from the Ely Mariner visiting a friend i captured sounds of the natural wildlife and river Ouse. I decided to reimagine one of my recordings which features a small barge sailing past and creating a disturbance in the flow of the water, i really love the lapping of the river as it hits the bank and so i decided to create an ambient piece with the recording taking a main role at the centre of the track. Reflecting on the sunny walk and calm flow of the river i decided to go with a chilled and ambient flowing set of sounds sampled from the original to create a surrounding narrative for the boat moving sleekly from one location to another"

Part of the Sound Waves project for World Listening Day 2015 #WLD2015 - see