Flowers and Tombstones

Jul 03, 2015, 12:07 PM

Reimagined by Deprivation and The Transient Source.

The title, "Flowers and Tombstones", is inspired by a poem of William Blake, which you can hear being recited in the track. By giving this piece such a name we wanted to point out that the existence of a river - represented here in its sonic aspect - can be seen as a powerful metaphor for both natural and cultural continuity. As the river flows uninterruptedly, it nurtures the life of all living organisms and shapes the landscape. At the same time it nourishes the human culture, being a provider of the life-giving water, as well as a constant point of reference, a place on the map, and in history, a vessel of memory, the constant murmur of which endows those who grow and flourish with the remembrance of those who are long gone.

Part of our Sound Waves project for World Listening Day 2015 #WLD2015