Mac20Q Podcast 125 - Life Logging Day One App, iOS9, El Capitan,

Jul 08, 2015, 07:56 AM

Mac20Q Podcast 125 Talking about what is coming up with the Good and Geeky books with a book about life logging. The application I like to use for this task is Day One and it will be covered in detail in the book. The book will also look at how to use applications which will do a certain amount of automatic journalling for you. There are applications such as #Chronos and #Heyday. I was trying a system which is called Gift Today which automatically brought in posts made in Twitter and Facebook and put them into Day One. It was working for a couple of weeks but something must have changed in the settings and I need to get back in again to reset it up.

What's coming with IOS 9 and El Capitan

in particular i like the keyboard improvements to the standard keyboard. i can't understand why it is taken so long for Apple to give us pictures of the letters we are typing lower case or upper case. This has been available already on other third-party keyboards such as #Swiftkey and #Swype. These are the keyboards are great to use as swapping from letter to letter is easier than tapping them. The problem comes with the fact that you can't see the microphone button to let you use every dictation in the third-party keyboards. I do prefer to dictate as much as possible and so I ended up using the standard keyboard even though it wasn't the best.

I'm looking forward to this news application coming from Apple. It's going to be interesting to see how it worked out in comparison to Flipboard. I will probably have to install the beta of IOS 9 so I get early access to the news app. I want to be up to see how it works out with my news channel for all of my websites I have set up already. There is a hint that we might get a separate application we can use to create posts directly to put into the news application. Then again, it might just be the ability to export out of something like Pages or even iBooks Author.

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