Today in Spain - Thursday 9 July 2015

Jul 09, 2015, 06:45 PM

#Crucifixion #Protest Not a Crime - The judge presiding over a case brought against 8 local police officers in #Torrevieja has deemed that a protest, in which a crucifixion was faked to highlight the poor working conditions imposed on the officers by the town hall, did not constitute a crime. #Weapons Found - Officers from the #Guardia #Civil have seized a variety of weapons and other materials believed to have been used in criminal activities, including caps which could be confused as being to those worn by the security service personal, which have the word “police” embroidered on. #La #Mata #Military Expo - Members representing different arms of the military will be in La Mata on Friday, with 200 personnel involved in a display of vehicles and equipment in the main square.