How to Use “Passion Mashing” to Create Content That Gets Noticed

Jul 01, 2015, 12:56 AM

My guest today is a website developer and designer, graphic artist, podcast producer, music and video maker, as well as an entrepreneur.

He wants to teach people how to make money and have a blast in the process, as he believes that it's possible to make money online by simply being yourself and being creative. My guest has built a passive income stream through what he calls passion mashing, which involves trying to blend a business idea with a personal passion. His current projects include Roasty Coffee, a resource on how to find, brew and drink great coffee, and Swim University, a website that teaches people how to take care of their pools and hot tubs. Now, let's hack... Matt Giovanisci. In this 36-minute episode Matt Giovanisci and I discuss:

How laughter helped him grow as an entrepreneur Understanding passion mashing (and what it means for your business) How unemployment brought him to be where he is now You have to constantly create things you love to be successful The effect of constantly moving forward

The Show Notes

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