Safer Families, Safer Neighborhoods with AlertID, a FREE APP

Nov 21, 2014, 11:48 PM

The Social Network Show welcomes our co-host, Michelle Boykins, Senior Director of Communications at the National Crime Prevention Council and her guest Keli Wilson of AlertID, to the November 21, 2014 episode.

Keli Wilson, the co-founder of AlertID, a "Neighborhood Watch" App that is free to you on your smartphone or tablet, shares why she started this organization and the following:

What AlertID is and how to sign up The partnership with the National Crime Prevention Council and McGruff's App How the App recognizes sex offenders in the neighborhood Tips on being safe during the holidays The upcoming expansion of AlertID How it works when you are away from home

Keli Wilson is the co-founder of AlertID and mother of three. While vacationing with friends and family in California, Keli was separated from her three children during a visit to an amusement park. Thankfully, they were reunited later, but it was the longest 45-minutes of Keli’s life.

As a result of that experience, Keli conceived the idea for AlertID. Her mission was to develop a tool that would help protect families and communities by creating a communication system that would allow users to communicate with public safety officials during an emergency and for authorities to communicate with the residents in the communities in which they serve.

AlertID was launched in January 2011. By partnering with local law enforcement agencies, AlertID is able to provide threat alerts and advisories to users about crime, sex offenders, missing children, natural disasters and severe weather. Alerts and advisories are available on web, mobile and tablet applications as well as through emails and texts.

In an effort to help protect families and our community, AlertID is free to the public and to all law enforcement agencies.

Keli holds a dual bachelor’s degree in Pre-Medicine and Biology from the University of Nevada. For the past eight years, Keli and her husband have been involved in numerous humanitarian projects. Much of their efforts have involved assisting homeless children, families and sponsoring children in the United States and the Philippines.