AUDIO: Extreme racist groups move out of the shadows

Jul 18, 2015, 05:03 AM

New South Wales Police have named the rise of white supremacist groups as one of the main threats to social cohesion in Australia.   Police Deputy Commissioner Nick Kaldas said a number of organisations fitting that description are moving out of the shadows.   "Racist groups who have in the past worked under the radar, coming out, spreading hatred, particularly on the far-right," he said.   Mr Kaldas said police were watching the trend closely although he declined to name any specific groups.  
"I'm loathed to give them any oxygen but I would say that there is definitely activity on the right wing, the extreme right wing, of politics and people who are using events around the world to create incidents in Australia and NSW and in Sydney," he said.   "We're not taking our eye off that ball. We are watching it just as much as we watch anybody else."   He was speaking at a community cohesion conference at the University of Western Sydney, in Parramatta.