Tushar Singh- Ridiculous

Jul 21, 2015, 01:13 AM

American Desis has explored what it means to be South Asian in this country; but this week, and what will turn out to be next week as well, we flip the script. We decided to talk to an American Desi who went back to India. Meet Tushar Singh. He is an American born stand-up comic from a bastion of liberalness: Huntsville, Alabama. He is our guest today because he filmed a documentary about his experience going back to India to do stand up comedy. Filming just finished this past February, so Tushar was fresh enough to relay his experiences. But first in what could only be typical Akaash and Arjun style, they take our guest into a deep discussion about religion and its place in our culture. But don’t worry, he talks a lot about being a fat kid growing up in the South so there is plenty to laugh about. Enjoy and hit us up to be apart of our discussion in a few days.