Kent Heroes - 999 Emergency Person of the Year - Robin Kissack and Ian Morwood

Jul 23, 2015, 10:30 AM

Day 4 of Kent Heroes with Kent Reliance was the trickiest to arrange! These guys were hard to track down, so we invited them into the studios to pick something up!

We heard from Charmaine Kember, a mother from Medway; this is what she had to say.

“Robin and Ian were the ambulance crew that were dispatched to my sick daughter in December 2012. At the time we had no idea just how sick she was. Robin and Ian did though and did a fantastic job of keeping us extremely calm in what could have easily escalated into a very stressful situation.

They quickly and competently assessed the problem and got our daughter Annabelle who was 4 at the time safely into the ambulance. They blue lighted her to our local hospital (just in time) where they rushed her straight into ‘re-sus’ for emergency treatment.

She had been there no longer than five minutes when Annabelle had a seizure and deteriorated rapidly. The situation worsened and Robin and Ian comforted us as we watched our daughter.

Ian kindly looked after my eldest daughter who was with us at the hospital by taking her for something to eat and to remove her from a frightening ordeal.

To this day Robin and Ian are regularly thought about in this household. We are so grateful for their caring, kind actions and attitudes on that day. They were first on scene, assessed the situation, gave that all-important emergency treatment, and got our daughter to hospital just in time to receive life saving treatment. They not only looked after our daughter they also looked after us (I myself had had a baby just days before) they comforted us, kept us calm, and answered our questions honestly. My family and I would love to see both Robin and Ian win the 999 person of the year award as we feel that all too often the ambulance crews get forgotten about.”