Tushar Singh- Comedy is Evolving

Jul 27, 2015, 04:12 PM

Comprised of 5 countries whose histories are long and winding, South Asia is a complex region. Pakistan and India did not exist as they do now until 1947, and Bangladesh until 1977. These countries are in the toddler phase of development. What makes that crazy is that they are also, to use the same analogy, the eldest people in the room. As can be expected, an identity crisis is at hand. How much of the old world do they want to keep with this new world? This is a question we actively follow here at the show, because if the Desi culture we are holding on to is deemed unworthy of existence in this global-capitalistic world by the originators, are we being foolish? Fortunately, in part 2 of our conversation with Tushar Singh, he is able to answer some questions about what is going on with this identity conflict. Now here is the line where I tell you if you haven’t listened to part 1, that you should stop reading and go listen…but seeing as I will never be able to verify if you've done it…do what you want.

Through the lens of the comedy world that Tushar depicts, we see an India that is simultaneously provocative and oppressive. An India that pushes boundaries, while being deeply uncomfortable with the waters it is entering. There are segments of the population that accept the west and what comes with it, and others that are boisterously using any means possible to stop it. A specific incident involving 4 comedians and many of Bollywood’s elite illustrate these dualities in shocking detail. Make sure to listen and enjoy! We hope this moves you to write to us and be involved with the convo that will happen on Thursday! Until then!