3 Important Factors for Architects, Builders and Contractors to Complete a Successful Project!

Episode 26,   Aug 05, 2015, 01:07 PM

Kevin F. Keefe is a former home builder, general contractor & developer and is currently a Sales Consultant and the CRO (Chief Relationship Officer) at Mountain View Window & Door (MVWD).

On this episode of THE ART OF CONSTRUCTION, we hear from Kevin about how his background in virtually all aspects of the building business, has given him a unique perspective into building successful working relationships with architects, builders and contractors. Having dealt with a wide variety of window & door issues as a builder in the past, enables him to help his MVWD clients avoid many of the typical window & door pitfalls and in turn complete successful projects in the short and long term. There are 3 factors that play a big part in the building process and Kevin talks about the importance of choosing two.

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