TFOT Episode 8: David Gillick - "A Goal Without a Plan is a Wish"


In Episode 8 of The FAMILY of THINGS, Helen Shaw's guest is a man known for his winning speed and more recently his winning food - it's champion sprinter and Celebrity Masterchef David Gillick.

David Gillick, who is now retired from competitive running, still holds the Irish indoor and outdoor 400m records and he won two Gold European medals as well as being a world finalist during his track career. In this episode of The Family of Things David shares his life story, what motivates him and what he has learnt along the way. Today he is a corporate coach sharing his sporting strategies with business leaders and he is also mentoring school students in athletics as well as playing in his local GAA team.

David Gillick tells Helen about the moment he knew he wanted to be a professional athlete as well as discussing his move to Loughborough University, the place that not only furthered his career but where his met his wife, Charlotte Wickham. David's story of the boy from Ballinteer who made it to the highest levels of sporting achievement is both personal and inspiring and he chats about how his love of cooking grew from his obsession with fitness and how his Granny, now in her 90s, has been an inspiration in life.

In this short preview Gillick talks about what it takes to be a winner, and how goal oriented visualisation and planning helped him to achieve his goal of running a sub 45 second 400m sprint.


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David's cookbook, 'David Gillick's Kitchen' : Good food from the track to the table is available from September 16th 2015



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