Bonus: Tour du Courage at Rapha Cycle Club Manchester

Aug 14, 2015, 09:49 AM

August 14 | A special edition of The Cycling Podcast features Richard Moore in discussion with Rod Ellingworth and Richard Usher at the Rapha Cycle Club in Manchester. Ellingworth is Team Sky’s head of performance while Dr Usher is the head of medicine and in the course of the conversation they offer a unique insight into the 2015 Tour de France as well as answering questions from the audience.

What was life like on the winning team? Which rider would Ellingworth most like to sign to Team Sky – and which former rider does he most miss? And how challenging is it to keep riders healthy for the three weeks of the Tour?

The event marked the opening of a new exhibition, Tour du Courage, featuring a selection of photography from the 2015 Tour. These photographs, submitted by professional and amateur photographers, can also be viewed on the World Photography Organisation website.

The Cycling Podcast wishes to thank Rapha for organising an event that was the culmination of their #CourageCyclistes campaign, which ran throughout the 2015 Tour, and to the Rapha Cycle Club for hosting the discussion and the exhibition.