Irish Ghost Stories 2015

Apr 10, 2015, 11:52 PM

We're throwing some extra turf on the fire for a special round of otherworldly tales inspired by the ghostly legends from the land of Erin! Raise a glass of Irish whiskey, sit back, and let us take you to the old country.

Recorded live at The Slipper Room on March 29th, 2015

Cast: Ali Silva (@alisilvapresent) Courtenay Cholovich (@thegoodfalconer) Eirik Davey-Gislason Lauren Elder (@lalabirdlauren) Daniel Graves (@thedanielgraves) Bill Heidrich (@cirdie) Michael Pate (@michaeldpate) James Rieser Annabelle Rollison

Musical Interludes: Martina DaSilva Lauren Elder

Live Atmospheric Music: Steve Blanco (@pianowarrior)

Production Sound Designer: Greg Russ

FMT Intro Theme by Jason Graves (@jgmusic)

Writer: Silbin Sandovar (@sandovar)

Live Show Production Team: Ali Silva (@alisilvapresent) Daniel Graves (@thedanielgraves) Rebecca Graves Gustavo Rodriguez (@sandovar)

Production Assistant: Dalia Mazel

Podcast Production Team: Producer - Daniel Graves (@thedanielgraves) Associate Producer - Greg Russ

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