Episode 10 - CrimeStoppers


August 24, 2015 / Additional episode scoring music by Animalweapon and Blue Dot Sessions

over 1 year ago
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Trehsu - about 2 months ago

And I just don't see the theory that Jay wasn't involved in the murder at all and didn't know anything. Maybe it was him, maybe he had something to do with it by association and knows whoever did it but it really really seems like he's the key to actually solving who did it,not just to exonerating Adnan


Trehsu - about 2 months ago

It's Leakin park, not Linkin park. You guys say it wrong every single time and it's driving me crazy. I'm a resident of Gwynn oak


permafrost - over 1 year ago

wait: maybe i'm dim but, why would the police wait for Jay's plea deal (in September?) before rewarding him in November--if that is indeed what happened? What would be the purpose of waiting for him to be charged? Why not pay him before he was charged, as per usual procedure, since Adnan was already indicted?