RaW 1251AM RaWards Package [2014 & 2015]

Aug 26, 2015, 12:45 AM

As Head of Production, I created a template for walk-on music for the presenters of each of the station’s ‘RaWards’ at the annual ball using a template session, in addition to jingles that listed the nominees followed by a drone, allowing the presenters to present the award. Voice: Joe Walton & James Deane. Editing credits include Scott Henderson. #RaW1251AM #AudioProduction #Jingles

00:00 pre-event stab 00:07 best new show walk on 00:49 best new show nominees and announcement drone 01:24 best entertainment show walk on 02:03 best entertainment show nominees and announcement drone 02:24 best jingle walk on