Alonzo Bodden: Who's Paying Attention? #30

Nov 29, 2012, 11:16 PM

1-   1.  Obama says take fiscal cluff fight to twitter, wants a fair and balanced approach. I guess hes just gonna rub that in FOX news people 2-   2.  Voters more willing to compromise than congress people. Well most voters aren?t crooks paid by lobbyists so I?m not surprised 3-   3.  Jon Huntsman was biggest threat according to Obama campaign manager. No he wasn?t , Jon Huntsman is reasonable He never had a chance in republican primary 4-   4. War on women is womens fault FOX news says learn your place ladies , then you?ll be happy and you wouldn?t be voting for that socialist 5-  5.   Strike a Wal Mart, not happening 6-   6. New Black Friday tradition, count the Wal mart wounded Bet the over/under 7-   7. Stop the parade, We?re running out of helium Inflate balloons with Trumps hot air 8-   8. Notre Dame is unbeaten 9-   9. RIP Larry Hagman They finally got JR 10-10. Fl. woman arrested for riding a manatee.  Let me get this straight Florida, riding manatee illegal, shooting black teenager, we?re ok with that 11-11. Cop buys a homeless man a pair of boots Beautiful gesture, no joke.  Happy Holidays Nov 30, 2012