How to Generate Real Dollars for Your Business by Creating Effective Social Visibility utilizing

Episode 28,  Sep 02, 2015, 02:35 PM

In today's business world you have to take advantage of targeted marketing to get new business and keep up with the changing market place. has grown from less than a dozen employees in 2009 to over 600 employees in 2015 and has a growing customer base of over 35 Million home owners worldwide.

On this episode of THE ART OF CONSTRUCTION, you’ll hear from David Mayer, Industry Marketing Director of Houzz, about his company’s approach to building effective Social Visibility and productive interaction with targeted customers actively involved in remodelling and other housing related projects. For home owners, is a place to browse, save beautiful home photos and plan their home projects. It’s also place to find the right design and construction professionals. For professionals listening to this podcast, Houzz is a place to connect with legitimate customers most of whom are actively participating in home remodelling and building projects. Houzz helps you connect with this key group to grow your business. Tune in to hear how you can utilize Houzz’ platform to grow your business!