QI iboo5

May 18, 2011, 06:33 PM, Lambeth, City of London, United Kingdom
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rossc719 - over 6 years ago

insuccinct? As in not-succinct?


els82bels - over 6 years ago

sounds like insensate as in to lack sensation. the weird chanting clan has drawn me to it!!!


Nicky_uk - over 6 years ago

Sounds like insuicates/ensuicate although that word apparently doesn't exist. Got to say after listening to it over and over to try and figure it out I thought I was secretly being drawn into some kind of weird chanting clan or something ;)


jonifrog - over 6 years ago

has it got something 2 do with the very begginingor has it got something to do with begging?


diane - over 6 years ago

After listening to it on repeat for quite a number of times, I believe it's inspissate meaning to thicken, as by evaporation; make or become dense.


Disteel - over 6 years ago

It sounds like inspissate - to thicken by evaporation