First Chris Moyles show on Radio X

Oct 04, 2015, 11:11 AM

When a presenter rises to the top and stays there, it’s usually a combination of the talent, the station and a time and a place. When the talent moves to a new station, it’s often the case that the audience fails to follow to any significant degree. There are many examples where it has not, and a few where it has.
Now, maybe times are changing. There is more flicking, loyalties to stations are lessening, and whilst radio penetration remains high, it’s simply easier now to explore and ever-growing range of stations. Social media too helps to keep the talent brand alive, and its audience informed of its new home. Chris Moyles left Radio 1 after ten years; and was a powerful influence in contemporary British radio, the likes of whom can be counted on a couple of hands. A few more will find their way onto that stage given a few more years and sufficient time at the right station. Enjoy here the first show from Chris after three years’ absence. It was a great performance. The feel of anarchy and freedom; the sort which has immaculate production/self-production at its heart.