Beer Giants Agree Takeover Terms

Oct 13, 2015, 05:30 PM

Will it be a perfect match between the world's two top beer makers, which have just agreed to merge?

British-based brewer SABMiller today accepted in principle an improved takeover bid from Anheuser Busch InBev, which along with Budweiser makes Corona, Stella Artois and Beck's.

AB INBev had already made five offers - but they only clinked glasses when $106bn was slapped on the table.

The new company will control a third of the world's beer sales globally - so getting regulatory approval won't be a pushover.

There are fears such a big brewing beast will stifle competition, particularly in the real ale market - where recently microbreweries producing so called craft beers have been doing a storming trade.

To find out what impact the deal might have, Susannah Streeter got the expert view in a London pub.