Desperate call for help from calling in Yefren, Nafousa Mountains, Libya May 27, 2011

May 27, 2011, 09:09 PM, Yafran, Al Jabal al Gharbi, Libya
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ShababLibya - over 6 years ago


Caller: "There is mass destruction and heavy bombardment day and night. There are lots of dead and injured. We are without hospitals, no humanitarian aid. People here are in a suffocating siege; everything is destroyed. Even the animals didn't survive. Medical supplies are completely depleted. Everyone is suffereing, old people are dying. This siege is inhumane. The elderly are dying, there is no baby milk. Water supplies are depelted. Everything is depleted. There are fires everywhere. People, animals, everyone is dying from the bombardment. There are no hospitals, no doctors, no supplies. Those injured are dying from their wounds, bleeding to death. Some of their wounds are rotting because there is no one to take care of them. There is no hope, no aid, nothing here. Where is the world? Where are all the humanitarian organizations? Where is your human conscience? Where is the Red Cross? Where is Doctors Without Borders (MSF)? There are a lot of people dying, many are starving to death. A mass extermination is happening here. Everything is unbearable here. It's hell on earth. We are appealing for the world's assistance. This is an immenent human disaster. We call for any help, any assistance, any solution to solve this! It is as if we don't belong to this world, as though we are from another planet. We've appealed for your help so many times, we've asked for your help so many times. But the world is deaf, doesn't hear anything. It is as though we belong to another planet, not planet earth.
Everyone has disappointed us, everyone has let us down and left us to die; as though we are not human. Why are we being ignored? How long will this go on? We have been under siege for months. People here are without water, without electricity, without medicine, without food. Rockets are landing on us day and night. Fires are erupting day and night as well."

Question: "What has happened today?"

Caller: "Today, seven have been wounded, three martyred. Battles are ongoing. No communication at all, no one can call anyone even inside the city. Right now, it's in complete darkness. Everything is cut off. We have no fuel, people cannot travel anywhere. Conditions are very bad and keep getting worse. We blame the world for not coming in and helping us."