Videogame BANG! LIVE Episode 12: Reverse Gamergate?!

Apr 20, 2015, 03:30 AM

What's up everybody it's your boy Sir Aaron Carter and we have got a great show for you today on VGB live. Cory Vincent, Lareesa, and The Real David Webb join me as we bang all around the web and even discuss some things that would shock the average man.

From the Batman vs Superman trailer to the trailer for Star Wars the force awakens we cover it all and we did real deep this time to cover men's rights you heard me right not only women have rights but men do to and best believe we're going to shed some light on this dark subject

As always the VGB live chat chimes in on the hot topics that we go over and have some pretty intelligent things to say for once. Will the Batman vs Superman movie be any good? will Star Wars ruined Christmas? Will Lareesa and Aaron ever get off the Titanic? All these questions answered and more on this week's episode of the VGB live

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