Kreachers Tale Comment

Kreacher should have died in the cave. Why did Voldemort not think it was weird he was alive during book 5 - Sirius's betrayal?

Oct 18, 2015, 09:14 PM
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aureo09 - over 1 year ago

Voldemort would know. He doesn't care for creatures and their powers. For all he knows the Blacks just got a new house elf. And he most certainly won't remember the name. After all the placing of the horcrux in the cave has been quite a while ago. And Voldemort was pretty busy with hunting down the Potters, getting his body destroyed, finding a way to get back a body, trying to get to Harry and/or prophecy and lastly finally killing Harry.
And in the end it is all those things that Voldemort doesn't care about that are marking his end. Love just being one of them.