Episode 13 - Bearing Witness


October 19, 2015 / Additional music by AnimalWeapon, Blue Dot Sessions, Julian Sartorius, & Chris Zabriskie

Oct 19, 2015, 08:53 PM
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Inkandpaintclub - over 1 year ago

When you say that Bilal left the country for a number of years, was he gone long enough for the statue of limitations on the charges against him to run out? I think it's around 7 years, does anyone know


mobiletesting - over 1 year ago

incredible injustice


scoldingross - over 1 year ago



TomtheElder - over 1 year ago

I'm late to this episode, so I'm sure many others asked already, but were you all being coy about all the grand jury questions asked of Bilal regarding his hotel "stays" and later about the likelihood that he was coerced into not testifying in Adnand's trial. From the moment you revealed the line of questioning in the grand jury proceedings, I inferred that either Baltimore County or Baltimore City (or perhaps others at a federal level, since the DEA had so much to share on Bilal) considered Bilal a "person of interest" and that they were fishing for sexual improprieties to at least be used to discredit him as a community leader in the Muslim community.

There are really no coincidences.