Sunday In The Park With Yi Hong

Jul 05, 2009, 11:08 AM, Beijing, China
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freemember007 - over 7 years ago



freemember007 - over 7 years ago



buckybit - over 8 years ago

Agree with all. This is awesome! Like a Radio Mini Drama or BBC Documentary but with Leo! I hope he enjoys his trip besides all the tech-hackle.

It's fine not to take pictures for 1 or 2 hours or be offline for a while, Leo;-)


johnthurm - over 8 years ago

This is superb Leo, the sound quality is incredible. I can really sense the atmosphere.


etronik - over 8 years ago

Hey Leo- Glad you guys are doing well- If Henry every gets bored, or is worried of starvation- have him practice his chopsticks picking up a coin! He'll be a big hit with the local girls.... Speaking of eating- give us an update of what you had for your meals along the way- sort of a "Chow-Boo" LOL!


decjr - over 8 years ago

wow, thanks for the iReporter report :)