33. Tour de France 2016 and the London Six Day

Oct 21, 2015, 08:11 PM

October 21 | The latest Telegraph Cycling Podcast comes from the new London Six Day and includes analysis of the route for the 2016 Tour de France, which was revealed on Tuesday, as well as an interview with Britain’s greatest ever Olympian, Sir Chris Hoy.

Richard Moore and Lionel Birnie were at the London velodrome for the third day of racing at the London Six and speak to Garry Beckett, who has worked as a soigneur at many of the top ‘sixes,’ and former rider Rob Hayles.

We also speak to Hoy, who was an interested spectator and discussed the British team’s recent performance at the European track cycling championships. “The female endurance [squad] is absolutely on the money, exactly where they want to be, maybe ahead,” said Hoy. “Men’s endurance, the same.

“The men’s and women’s sprint [squads] are not as good,” he continued. “There are some good performances, but not good enough. It’s not for lack of trying. I know the coaches, I know the riders, and they are doing all they possibly can. It’s not coming together for them just now but it didn’t come together for us at the Europeans. But people don’t remember what happened at the European championships if you win the Olympics.”

We also hear from the podcast playmaker Daniel Friebe from his writer’s eyrie in Berlin. Friebe casts his eye over the Tour route and gives his verdict on the mountains, with next year’s route including several new climbs.

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