Solo motorbike rider SUZANNE GILDENHUYS tells it all in her book ‘Breaking Free’ !

Oct 24, 2015, 04:15 PM

Suzanne Gildenhuys was 'doing all the right things' she thought, until one defining day she decided to follow her heart. Jumping onto her motorbike she headed off on what was to become for her an essential and soul defining 12 month solo adventure into the lands of South Africa covering around 10 000 kilometres. Her journey exposed her to a wide variety of generous and inspiring people, all depicting the depth and beauty of the richly colourful South African family. Out of this totally unplanned extraordinary adventure, fraught with tears, frustration, heartache and joy, she wrote her book ’Breaking Free’ to share her story and process her experiences. Today Suzanne continues to write, exploring other emerging possibilities coming out of our similarities, differences and individual uniqueness.

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