Polite Politics podcast Season 2, #3: Hillary Clinton's emails #UTpol #Politics

Oct 27, 2015, 05:54 AM

So what is the deal with Hillary Clinton's email server? Why is the press obsessed with it?

Tyler explains everything you need to know about Hillary Clinton's emails in the latest edition of the Polite Politics Podcast.


Hillary Clinton condemned Bush admin secret emails Judge appointed by President Clinton said Hillary was not following government policy. Washington Post Timeline: Things Found on Hillary’s email At least 2 Top Secret emails (including satellite photos of North Korea) Private discussions with foreign leaders (notably Tony Blair) which are automatically classified Over 400 emails which the intelligence community now says are classified as of Sept 30 Others Charged FBI wanted David Petraeus charged with felony, but then Attorney General Eric Holder overruled and allowed him to plead to misdemeanor CIA operative serving 3.5 years for leaking information to reporter Former sailor arrested for taking pictures, sending to girlfriend, deleting when government tried to investigate Clinton Foundation Collecting donations from outside country and questionable groups Russian group purchased a uranium mine with State permission while donating Arms deals went up to nations that donated to Clintons Put on watch list by Charity Navigator Called a slush fund for Clintons by Sunlight foundation State won’t confirm 90-95% number

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