Keymoye dies at a roundabout in Lewisham on his bike, it breaks everyones hearts. It's his birthday

Jun 06, 2011, 08:01 PM

#bikes #birthday #flowers

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aande78 - over 4 years ago

I jsut got around to listening to this. I wont beat around the tree on this. IT truely brung teers to my eyes and really upset me. You know when something really hurts is when you feel like your throte is being tightened up and you can do nothing but let teers fall from your eyes. I hope that many listen to this and take in what delores said. It is so true and kids... Cars dont stop for you, trucks and rigs and busses do not stop for you. Like she said their is no super man to swoop down and save you. So bike safely no matter where you are at.


Delores - over 6 years ago

thank you


audioBoom - over 6 years ago

This is so heartbreaking...


markrock - over 6 years ago