Liverpool Life podcast, week ending November 13, 2015

Nov 13, 2015, 10:40 AM

This week, Adam is in the chair, with some hot topics and cool audio. It looks like Liverpool is on the brink of the biggest shift in power for decades. They call it devolution to the 'city region' - but, with further huge cuts in public spending expected to be announced in a couple of weeks, is it just passing on the blame and pain to our Town Halls? Other cuts are affecting our right to be represented by an experienced lawyer, and a new charge which, it's claimed, is leading to people innocent of a crime to pleading 'guilty' to avoid an even heftier payment. Some 50 magistrates have resigned over this and we talk to the head of their organisation to find out what's going on - and why. Doping in the athletics' world has dominated much of the news this week - but should Russia be banned from further international competitions? We get the view of an expert from LJMU's internationally-acclaimed Sports Science department. Few teenagers like to get up early and one school is experimenting with starting the school day at lunch-time: but what about the knock-on effects to parents? We hit the streets to get your views. Liverpool's nationally renowned Everyman Theatre got 'the half hour on peak-time telly' treatment this week - we find out just why it has played such an important role in theatrical arts and to the city. Staying with theatre, and the team have been to see a Beatles' tribute musical and talking to the audience who were saying 'Please Please Me' - but should our reporters have said 'Let It Be', rather than hear some impromptu street singing?! With Liverpool FC's fans it's more a case of 'Hello, Goodbye' rather too quickly for comfort. The team's new manager says he can 'Carry That Weight' but he hopes his team will 'Come Together' soon. We have a sports' round-up, and the What's On guide ranges from commemorating the Fallen to enjoying Stand Up. It's all wrapped up wherever you go in less than 30 minutes. (Music: 'The Wild Dogs of Nauru' by The Womb - used under a Creative Commons licence.) #Liverpool, #RemembranceDay #theatre, #poppiestour, #Review, #theroyalcourt, #TheBeatles