Videogame BANG! Episode 111: Sacramento Gamers Expo

Nov 26, 2015, 04:15 AM

Happy Thanksgiving Turkeys! Videogame BANG! proudly presents an awesome show this week that features some of Sacramento's finest You tubers and the man behind Sacramento's major gaming convention that is happening next month: The Sacramento Gamers Expo.

You may know Rich Alvarez from his web series the Stupid Mario Brothers, and if not you need to check it out now! Sean Long is a Cosplayer, Podcaster, and YouTube review specialist for Toys and Video Games alike. Chris Modica runs an online company called Once Upon a Video Game, and he is the guy that is laying it all on the line to bring Sacramento its first major Video game convention.

Of Course hosting the show will be the Bang Bros: Cory and Aaron. We are talking a little about Reno Wizard World, we will be talking about all the reasons you should be at the Sac Gamers Expo, we play a riveting round of Whattcha Playin?! And much much more.. you do not want to miss this super special episode of... VIDEOGAME BANG!!!

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