Dec 04, 2015, 11:50 AM

Yes, this week we have a slightly longer and special 'themed' content for our podcast.
Two major changes are set to transform the way the Liverpool region is governed - and how much money it is going to have to deliver services and how we live, work and play; our job opportunities and our education and training - and how we are protected on the streets and, especially, support for the young, old and vulnerable people. The devolution deal for Liverpool City Region was announced just days before the Comprehensive Spending Review by central government. The team talks to Merseyside's Chief Constable and Police and Crime Commissioner about how they see the way forward, plus a campaigner for the SureStart children's centres, an enterprise leader, a college chief, council leader, a local government journalist, and asking the people of Liverpool what THEY would cut. We're crunching the numbers, and doing the heavy lifting, to get the inside story on what all these changes mean. (Music" 'The Wold Dogs of Nauru' by The Womb). #Liverpool #spendingreview #Surestart