AFP Show #16, Lost in Translation

Dec 07, 2015, 06:00 AM

This month’s guests are Damon Rose and Emma Tracey, creators and producers of #BBCOuch. We ask if Google maps is as accurate as a blind person might need it. We explain what trailing is and the often asked question - is the #Braille signage in the loo on trains actually useful? And is it ok to use your Guide dog or a mobility scooter when you’re drunk? We visit the perennial debate about disability on TV - specialist programmes like Channel 4’s Kitchen Impossible or integrated shows.

Emma and Damon explain the origins of BBC Ouch and how some of their more risqué segments came about and there’s clips of their favourite moments. Steve Best as the token non-disabled host questions if the #disability #humour went too far and do you have to be ‘down with the #disability mood’ to appreciate it.

Our regular contributor Robin Christopherson of Ability Net talks about accessible tech and Shannon Murray updates us on life in LA.