Episode 16 - The State's Case


December 7, 2015 / Scoring music by: AnimalWeapon, Blue Dot Sessions, Chris Zabriskie, and Julian Sartorius

Dec 07, 2015, 11:04 PM
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periodiccodas - over 1 year ago



blackhorseATX - over 1 year ago

Could the Crime Stoppers call have been Jay saying he'd seen the car?

And it's really not far fetched at all that the police could have scared a false confession out of Jay. It's coming to light that that happens a lot because of poor interrogation techniques that more police departments are now changing.


davidahannigan - over 1 year ago

But at the time of the deal jay could still do real prison time. 2 years was even suggested I believe? At his sentencing jay appears to express real remorse and is no doubt relieved not to be given real prison time. Sorry but I cannot believe the "jay was not involved" argument or "jay falsely confessed because of the police actions" argument. It is just too far fetched and goes against the investigations documented in the police file. If anything it appears jay was more involved than he admitted.


Undisclosed - over 1 year ago

Jay wasn't charged because they had no evidence against him beyond his own unsubstantiated statements. Threats were made to try to intimidate him, but there's a reason the State was happy to concede to a deal that let Jay walk free.


davidahannigan - over 1 year ago

After listening to this episode it is very tempting to think that the real injustice is that jay was not charged as a co- defendant. Support for this comes from your previous episode when we heard from CG arguing for disclosure of evidence on the basis that she thought Jay was being charged as a co-defendant. Why did CG and Adnan think that?