Learn the art of sales & marketing with Ryan Singlehurst Dubai

Dec 15, 2015, 06:28 AM, Bhubaneswar, OD, India

#Sales and #marketing are two of the most vibrant and fast moving areas in any business; the marketing side is responsible for creating brand awareness as well as generating a require for products and services and eventually generating leads for the sales team whereas the sales team converts closing of the deals which directly generate revenue.
#Ryan_Singlehurst Dubai offers sales and marketing training programmes which will prepare you on how to productively design basic sales and marketing plans and strategies, scheming sales territories and administering your team of sales people to boost profits. According to Ryan Singlehurst, the keys to a successful business are good marketing and sales; the proper marketing strategy and execution produce leads, sales and satisfied customers that will in turn enhance the image of your brand.

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