Charlie Chester

Jun 24, 2011, 12:22 PM

As was the case with many of his generation of broadcasters, Eastbourne’s Charlie Chester began his career as an entertainer on the stage. After his first radio audition in 1937, he was lucky to break into the new medium: the Corporation’s Head of Variety suggested he’d need to tone down his act if he were to be allowed anywhere near Auntie.

After some successful Forces programmes, which he devised, wrote and appeared in, he arrived at the BBC Light Programme during the swinging sixties, with his weekday show beginning in 1969. Then, he was appointed to Sunday tea-times in 1972 where his Sunday Soapbox (via the studios at BBC Birmingham) attracted a loyal following until 1996. His cheery, warm 'helpful uncle' act was typical of the Radio 2 of the time.

Charlie died on 26 June 1997.