Plagiarized - Mary's Boy Child

Dec 25, 2015, 10:05 PM

This is what happens when you let me wonder what Boney M would sound like if they were covered by Spiritualized.

If any of you have ever listened to The Global Voices Podcast then yes .... this is where the theme originated.

The picture was taken during a tea break while we were recording and by the very sceptical looks on both Uncle Andy and Mark Prints faces ... it might have been just as I suggested this cover.

mcfontaine - all electric guitars / Vocals Steve Beswick - Drums / Percussion Uncle Andy - Keys / Slide Guitar / Backing Vox Mark Print - Bass Jackie Apples - Vocals Luke Sherwood - Backing Vox

Produced & Recorded by Uncle Andy

#NN1, #TheNewBarcelona, #UncleAndy