St. Pauli - 'unhappy' reimagining

Jan 04, 2016, 05:18 PM

By AJ Born.

Some time ago, in July last year, I had decided to re-imagine a sound from my favorite football club FC St. Pauli. "Forza St Pauli" is a tune that is quite often heard in the Millterntor stadium. Therefore, it is not surprising that I had also recorded this tune some time before, and I got another version from a friend's video. So I had three recordings of different games of FC St. Pauli, which all included "Forza St. Pauli".

When I started, my idea was to capture the good mood that I associate with this club (beeing a supporter for a long time), and transform it into a sound. I mixed the three recordings so that they should sound like a typical football game with an extended version of "Forza St. Pauli". For some reason, I didn't finish it that day.

Plenty of water went down the river Elbe and lots of things happened, until I got back to this project at the end of November 2015. I was not in a cheerful mood this time, and created some dark sounds from the recordings. I mixed this with the happy song I started before and the result didn't make any sense. So I decided to split it and make two versions: A happy one, that sounds like a typical FC St Pauli football game. And an unhappy version, that might sound like the feeling I have, when the club is loosing a game.