Welt voll Irrsinn in Sweden

Jan 08, 2016, 09:46 AM

By AJ Born. Part of our Dada Sound project (February 2016) - see more at http://www.citiesandmemory.com/dadasounds

"I chose the Stockholm Fountain for the Dada project. It turned out, that this is a very monotone sound. But one idea of Dada is to create senseless art, so here is what I did:

To give this boring fountain some absurdity, I let it acoustically wander over the place. In addition, I let it flow slower or more quickly. It gets sometimes louder, sometimes quieter. At the end, it loses a mad race against itself.

But these things can hardly be heard, due to the loud chorus I added: My 14 different split-personalities read the poem "Welt voll Irrsinn" (world of madness) by Kurt Schwitters and my old grandfather clock in the background beats the time in a crazy way.

Why combine the fountain, the poem and the clock? Well, somehow there is a connection, because there is a lot about a fish in the poem and it is as well about lifetime and death, for which the clock is a well known symbol as well as a flowing river."