Quo Vadimus: Seth Partnow, Celtics-Bulls, and Lakers-Kings

Jan 08, 2016, 08:45 PM

On this week's edition of Quo Vadimus, Jared Dubin and Seth Partnow discuss the Thursday night TNT games between the Celtics and Bulls, and Lakers and Kings. Topics include Boston's inconsistent play (1:23), Isaiah Thomas and his connection to the Celtics' late-game struggles (7:18), the Bulls' boringness (10:46), Chicago's big man crunch and how best to approach the future (12:12), the Jimmy Butler – Derrick Rose dynamic (19:20), Boston's best big men (25:48), the quandary of Marcus Smart (29:15), D'Angelo Russell's recent emergence (34:05), Julius Randle's iso struggles (37:40), DeMarcus Cousins' brilliance (43:20), Sacramento's two-guards (52:00), and Jordan Clarkson (55:00).