Jerusalem: And Did Those Wees

Jan 08, 2016, 10:53 PM

And Did Those Wees - performed by the Historyworks Sounds of Steam Improv Community Choir - based on the story of Cambridge's stinky and disease-ridden River Cam in Queen Victoria's time when there was no modern sanitation - with lyrics by Dave Cohen, chief songerwriter of CBBC's Horrible Histories - written in collaboration with Helen Weinstein who commissioned the song at Historyworks for children, families, teachers schools to enjoy! Lyrics below:


And did those wees in Cambridge town Find their way into the Cam.< And did all those Victorian poos Clog up the River like a dam.

Reformers said 'Surely our age Can find a way to clean sew-age And did the Pumping House, builded here Restore our green and pleasant Cam.

Bring me your scraps, your rotting slop, Bring me the contents of your bum We'll treat and clean every last drop So clean it’ll even please your mum

For many years, these engines toiled It was so hot. those work men boiled But they could get fine crockery, With empty tins of fish for free.