#64: The Pursuit of Happiness with Amy (my wife) and Bill Nye (the science guy)

Jan 22, 2016, 06:13 PM

My wife Amy cohosts this episode with me even though she had to pee every 8 minutes (7 months pregnant).

I got to interview Bill Nye this week on my other podcast SURELY YOU'RE JOKING I do with a bunch of scientists. I play some of my favorite parts of that interview where we talked about: the discovery of another planet, Roman numerals, climate change, nuclear power’s need for a better publicist, Tom Brady, the importance of space exploration.

Check out Bill’s new book “Unstoppable” available now.

I host that podcast with Kevin P Hickerson (physicist in a lot of my videos. Legit genius/lunatic), Jimmy O Yang (Silicon Valley, Bill was a fan of his and I got jealous), and Griff Pippin (Stand up comic who tours Romania an alarming amount). Other topics included in this episode are: The Oscars, Will Smith, Marriage/Pregnancy, and how to beat depression with a magazine, chewing gum, and a special word.

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