Improvised street noise

Jan 27, 2016, 04:50 PM

Part of our Dada Sound project (February 2016) - see more at

By Ross Taylor and Wayne Martin. "Ross&Wayne used a field recording taken in Bournemouth as the bass player for a free music piece. The recording was improvised to by Ross&Wayne with an attempt to express some of the sounds and experiences of the area. Boscombe and Springbourne are deprived areas of Bournemouth that are well known to us and we have composed pieces dedicated to the area on many occasions. The field recording is tied into the piece both as a contributing musician but also giving a feeling that the music is something the listener is overhearing from the street. The idea is that we have taken street noise and given it a changed meaning simply by the act of recording it. The drive and narrative of the music improvised is entirely dictated by and sympathetic to the sounds of a busy street on a friday evening."