HTE 181: Learning the Art of Breaking Busy | Alli Worthington

Jan 28, 2016, 08:00 AM

My guest today is a mom to five boys, networker, recent author, and entrepreneur.

She co-founded BlissDom, the single largest international women’s small business conference in the world. She also co-founded Blissful Media Group. Prior to this, my guest founded the magazine for women called Blissfully Domestic. As of this week, she is officially an author with release of her brand new book Breaking Busy: How to Find Peace & Purpose in a World of Crazy. Now, let’s hack… Alli Worthington. In this 34-minute episode Alli Worthington and I discuss:

Making money while also making the world a better place Accepting the challenge of writing Being busy is a mindset that we need to break Setting personal time constraints to ensure our work gets completed

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