HorseSense Episode 2 - Want a calm, relaxed and happy horse?  Steve Brinkworth talks 'No buck' training

Feb 01, 2016, 08:00 PM

At 15 Steve Brinkworth was leading horseback tours with his family in outback Flinders Ranges. He also rode ensurance comps and achieved 2 coveted Quilty buckles. This set the scene for his lifelong love of horses along with a curiosity and thirst for knowledge to train horses in ways that worked with the horse and his nature rather than against it. Steve now trains horses and riders in his methods with the his Horse Starting Course and regular clinics. Steve has developed a 5 step methodology for no buck training that gives solid foundational training to horses of any discipline. He talks about how this work and how horse owners can think differently about working with their own horses. If you want a calm, relaxed and sensible riding horse then this is an episode you will want to listen to.

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